December 24, 2008 Reviews - 

Welcome to Classic Dooming's grand opening! You may have seen this site in a previous incarnation (Grimm's Mini-Reviews), but the reason for the new name is more than just the fact that the site's been given a serious upgrade (click here if you're feeling a little nostalgic). Simply put, Classic Dooming is expanding! Whereas Grimm's Mini-Reviews focused more-or-less solely on Doom 1, we are opening Classic Dooming up to ALL Doom-engine games.
Grimm will still be handling Doom 1, but if you want to review Doom 2 levels, Doom 2 port levels, Hexen, Heretic, anything deathmatch -- please let us know! Grimm would prefer to handle the Doom 1 levels, but if you really want to go through those, he's willing to negotiate. It's time to beat back the tide of ignorance and help inform the Doom community about forgotten gems it never knew about!

--Classic Dooming

March 25, 2008

The "C" section is done, plus two strays for a total 126 new reviews. This has easily been my favorite section yet. With old classics (COMBAT, CORTYR_B, CLEIMOS), new classics (The Classic Episode, Crusades), and the best levels you've never played (CRATER, CAVERNS, CROSST), not to mention the only level I ever uploaded to the archives, this has been an absolute blast. Simply put, you must check these levels out. As it turns out, I've caught the modding bug once again, but hopefully by the time the summer is out I'll have the "D" section done. [Note: Didn't happen.]

Keep Doomin', folks!


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